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New Google Chrome Ad Connects with a Familiar ‘Ding’

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Amazing new Google Chrome adI just saw one of the best, most memorable ads for Google products that I’ve ever seen. This one, more specifically for Chrome, hit a very personal chord with me. Take a look.

Not only did the ad have a focused and relateable narrative, but it made great use of Google products in real life. The things on display, like G-chat and video calling, are staple means of communication for most people I know. At my age, most other young professionals have G-chat running all day as a way to stay connected with their other office-working friends. Personally, I use it to chat every day with colleagues and work partners.

So, it’s no surprise that what struck me most about this commercial was the connection it made by demonstrating Google’s products and their tiny nuances. The pleasant “ding” of a chat being received is one of the most recognizable sounds to me, and using that sound during the commercial immediately grabbed my attention. I was instantly reminded of the feeling of excitement when waiting to receive a chat message from my girlfriend as we were studying across the world from each other. The “ding” symbolizes a connection to someone else, and their use of it during the ad is sure to connect with anyone else who has used Google products at all. To me, the tiny “ding” is very personal, and it elicits a response that’s probably not too dissimilar from an iPhone’s phantom vibration.

Whether other people feel that strongly about a small sound doesn’t really matter either, because the rest of the ad is so well done that there’s something relateable in there for everyone.


Author: Chris Richards

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