Chris Richards

marketing | branding | tech | startups

About Chris

Chris RichardsI’m a marketing and technology enthusiast with an interest in helping people and businesses better themselves.  Currently, I’m managing clients and content with At Media, a boutique branding agency in Philadelphia. Before that, I was helping a couple startups gain traction, grow their audience, and build brands for themselves. My passion for tech, gadgets, and marketing was kick started by my role as the Social Media Marketing Intern at the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), where I planed, created, posted, and analyzed social media content to ensure the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was as captivating online as it was in Las Vegas. Always interested in learning about marketing, branding, sustainability, international cultures, new music, or good craft beer, I strive to continue blending my professional skills with my personal interests.

As a graduate from Dickinson College, I am a huge proponent of the benefits (and challenges) of a broadly focused liberal arts education. I was lucky enough to spend my entire junior year abroad, first in Beijing, China studying Mandarin Chinese, then in Brisbane, Australia to study international marketing. I greatly appreciate the opportunities I’ve had to travel, getting a peek at the way the rest of the world works.

You can see more of my “professional self” on LinkedIn or Google+.


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