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Cluck Old Hen

We found an old mandolin laying around, and my cousin, being a musical whiz-kid, figured out this nice little solo. It’s a traditional folk song, that’s usually played much faster and better…but, I like our rough version.

A chord chart if you want to play it yourself!



Spring Music Downloads!

I wanted to share some songs that I’ve been listening to lately, because I guess they fit the spring mood I’ve been feeling lately. I find myself calling playlists something like “Summer 2011” or something similar regarding the seasons, but that title usually just means I downloaded the songs at that point…not that they necessarily fit the season! But see what you think, maybe these are really good “spring” songs.
I’m trying this download thing for the first time, so if it works, you can look for more songs in the future!

Peter Bjorn and John

I’m glad Peter Bjorn and John didn’t disappoint! I think this song is amazing, and so far the rest of the album has been similar. Great change back to their older style and away from more electro-influenced pop.
Peter Bjorn and JohnDig a Little Deeper (.mp3)

Also, the new Strokes album has this little song on it. I love it.
The StrokesUnder Cover of Darkness (.mp3)

One of the best new songs I’ve heard (discovered by Katie!) is this. I think it’s already in a commercial, but ignore that fact…and enjoy this live version of the song.
Crystal FightersPlage (.mp3)

Speaking of songs in commercials, see if you can remember what store’s older ad (last year) this is from. They’d never want you to know the band’s name…
StarfuckerRawnald Gregory Erickson the Second (.mp3)

Enjoy! And let me know if there’s any issues downloading!

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Missing My Music

I’ve been without-laptop for a while now, after its self-destruction earlier last month.
One of the biggest things I’ve come to miss is my iTunes library. I do have it all on my iPod, but being able to “visualize” and actually sit down with my music in front of me is something that I have begun to miss!

I am also just itching to get more, new music! Without iTunes or a computer to call my own, I’m stuck with what I’ve got, even though several bands have released great albums in the past month…

Here’s a couple of the albums I’ve been craving…can’t wait to get the new computer and download them! They almost seem good enough to merit actual, physical CD purchases…we’ll see.

Peter Bjorn & John, Gimme Some (2011)
SPIN rating: 7/10

The Strokes, Angles (2011)
SPIN review: 8/10

Very excited to own both of these albums soon…!

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The Cake is Not a Lie

This is awesome and ridiculous news that I didn’t know about until now (hence, news?)
NPR just did an interview with the lead singer of CAKE discussing the bands confusing success. They put out an independent record, yet debuted at #1 on Billboard’s 200 list, after selling only about….40,000 copies? Puzzling. To me, CAKE has never been a “popular” band, and I know some people flat-out hate John’s voice, but they’ve always been one of those bands with which I could though I could “identify.” I think I just love the bass player…and the trumpet…and the…everything. Needless to say, I was excited to hear they’d have a new album after 7 years. I actually spent money on this album, which says a lot…an iTunes pre-order…that says a lot these days, at least for me.

The last part of the interview sums it up perfectly (as it should):

As for the dubious honor of making the lowest-selling No. 1 album ever, McCrea says that kind of contradiction is “perfect” for a band like Cake. “Optimism and pessimism are actually buddies sitting together on the same sofa,” he says. “I mean, that’s sort of what we’re about.”

Here’s a few of the songs from their new album (you may have actually heard this in GAP…I did.)

And to close the post, one of the best, best, best songs of theirs: