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Representing Android in an Apple World

Working in the marketing and advertising industry, Apple is everywhere. As it should  be. There’s no doubt that Macs are great computers for design and development, and iPhones are perfectly decent phones. But, as a recent hire at my agency, I began looking for a way to represent my unique love for Android, and to stand out in such a Mac-heavy, iPhone-loving office. I think this little Android figurine did just the trick!

Android Robot Figure vs. Mac Computer

Thanks to Marques Brownlee for inspiring me to get this little guy. You can always spot the little ‘Droids like this special Nexus black one in his awesomely-produced video reviews, and I immediately thought of Marques’ videos when shopping around for something to display Android pride. So, I guess this is just really one big shout-out to him – thanks, MKBHD!

Wearing an android robot t-shirt would be another way to show pride, but that might be taking it a bit far.


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Battlesquare Looks Amazing

Battlesquare Makes Foursquare Look BoringThis just came to my attention: There’s an app headed to the iPhone called Battlesquare. I’m guessing it runs on Foursquare‘s API, but it looks like it will make the process of using Foursquare so much more fun.

I’ve never been a big fan of Risk the board game, but this could make me want to learn more about it. Frankly, after watching the video, this makes Foursquare seem boring. I’d much rather compete with friends to “own” a part of the map than just earn Mayorships.

Too bad it just seems to be coming to iPhone for launch.


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Some (Unnecessary) Thoughts on the iPhone 5

apple is coasting on their success

Everyone’s talking about it, I know. So, basically it’s pointless to write anything about Apple’s new phone because it’s all being said right now. But this is a blog, so I’ll write if I want to.

My friend, Ben, just sent me an article from Wired titled, The iPhone 5 Is Completely Amazing and Utterly Boring, and I can’t help but agree fully. This quote nailed my sentiments for the new product directly on the head, expressing exactly what I felt as I watched the underwhelming live presentation yesterday:

…But mostly it is the Toyota Prius of phone updates. It is an amazing triumph of technology that gets better and better, year after year, and yet somehow is every bit as exciting as a 25 mph drive through a sensible neighborhood at a reasonable time of day. It’s not going to change your life. It’s not even going to offer a radically different experience.

To seal the deal that this new phone is nothing life-changing, nor innovative on any bigger level, take a look at the reactions earned from Jimmy Kimmel’s social experiment.

The people impressed by this supposedly amazing new phone can’t even tell the difference between the existing model and the one that was announced! And here I thought Samsung was the one found guilty of copying design. At this point, Apple is resting on its success, and bringing little to nothing to the party.

The College Humor video referenced in the picture up top also says everything I could have wanted to say. So, watch that too!