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Philadelphia Startup Weekend: Final Thoughts

After expressing some major excitement before my first Startup Weekend event, I wanted to finally return to the events of the weekend-long activity and share some final thoughts.

Philly Startup Weekend 4.0 Stickers

Philadelphia Startup Weekend was on version 4.0 for my first experience with it, and it showed. The event organizers were definitely veterans and had the thing organized excellently, both before and during the event. That being said, logistically, it was great!

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Philadelphia Startup Weekend: First Time Expectations

PHLSWPhiladelphia Startup Weekend will be my first time experiencing the phenomenon that is a Startup Weekend. I’ve heard great things about the nationally recognized events that occur every so often in various cities across the country, and I’m finally getting a chance to participate in one!

It never occurred to me that I might even be able to contribute to one, until looking into the registration process I found a role that sounded perfect for my skills/interests: NON-TECHNICAL, or as Startup Weekend describes the role:

Idea generators, business thinkers, marketers, in short, anyone with a non-technical background who loves crafting ideas and can mold things .

If you follow startups at all, there is always a huge emphasis, and sense of “hipness”, placed on coding, hacking, building, and disrupting, all things about which I know very little. I’m not some coder that runs on Red Bull and candy through 24-hour hackathons on a regular basis. So, I was excited to see a role available for someone like me who has a willingness and enthusiasm to jump in and help where needed (non-technically, of course).

I’m intrigued by the chance for success that can come out of this one weekend. And I was surprised to learn that a couple (now) very successful businesses launched during previous Startup Weekends in Philadelphia.

launchrock philly startup weekend success

cloudmine philly startup weekend success

Launchrock and Cloudmine are two examples of Philly based companies that launched and grew from a Startup Weekend, and there are also a couple of other success stories mentioned on Quora. Coincidentally, a startup I help, Casepops, is using Launchrock as their primary landing page while preparing their initial product release! A startup helping startups start up. Nice, right?

I’m expecting the weekend will be fun and an amazing learning experience, if nothing else. I’m not going in with expectations to automatically join a successful company, but hey, that would be great too! If it’s not too late, I think you can still join in and register for Philly Startup Weekend.

I’ll post my impressions after the weekend!