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UPS Gets Lighter

This is the kind of news I like to read about. Seeing a company as large as UPS making huge improvements to be more sustainable is “heartwarming.” I remember reading something about UPS (or FedEx) instructing drivers to minimize the amount of left turns they make during a delivery, with the goal of saving time and gas. Similar to that strategy, UPS has just created a lightweight, plastic truck to reduce emissions (and save money). From FastCompany:

…the diesel trucks come with body panels made out of ABS plastic, which makes them 1,000 pounds lighter than standard trucks. This lightness–and the smaller engine it allows–makes the trucks 40% more fuel efficient, a feature that could save the company 84 million gallons of fuel each year if the technology becomes widespread.

Aside from all the money they’ll save, this should also be a great “feature” from a marketing point of view. In my mind FedEx and UPS have always been interchangable, so why not use the greener one?

Source: Fastcompany