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Responsive Web Video: Here to Stay

In case you haven’t noticed, responsive video has become the new web standard for visuals.

Everywhere I look now, I’m seeing creative people putting responsive HTML 5 video to good use, and I don’t see it going anywhere soon. Many sites are incorporating it as an engaging part of the “landing experience” for users, though others are incorporating video with more subtlety. What excites me most is the seeming ease with which developers can now include engaging video. With the right technology in place, HTML video is almost as easy as uploading still images.


Most recently, I was excited to work with local Philadelphia videographer Cory J. Popp to create a unique piece of content for LPMG Companies. With web design in place, Cory brought the site to life with an amazing set of clips demonstrating the amazing work LPMG has done to transform, revitalize, and invigorate South Philadelphia with its focused approach to real estate development. To me, video makes this site 10x more exciting than a static header ever could. Likewise, companies like O3 World have integrated video so heavily throughout their site, the whole thing seems alive.

Though I’m not technically a developer or designer, I can’t help but feel excited for the future of the web as I see websites evolving into things that are so much more than static code.


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New Google Chrome Ad Connects with a Familiar ‘Ding’

Amazing new Google Chrome adI just saw one of the best, most memorable ads for Google products that I’ve ever seen. This one, more specifically for Chrome, hit a very personal chord with me. Take a look.

Not only did the ad have a focused and relateable narrative, but it made great use of Google products in real life. The things on display, like G-chat and video calling, are staple means of communication for most people I know. At my age, most other young professionals have G-chat running all day as a way to stay connected with their other office-working friends. Personally, I use it to chat every day with colleagues and work partners.

So, it’s no surprise that what struck me most about this commercial was the connection it made by demonstrating Google’s products and their tiny nuances. The pleasant “ding” of a chat being received is one of the most recognizable sounds to me, and using that sound during the commercial immediately grabbed my attention. I was instantly reminded of the feeling of excitement when waiting to receive a chat message from my girlfriend as we were studying across the world from each other. The “ding” symbolizes a connection to someone else, and their use of it during the ad is sure to connect with anyone else who has used Google products at all. To me, the tiny “ding” is very personal, and it elicits a response that’s probably not too dissimilar from an iPhone’s phantom vibration.

Whether other people feel that strongly about a small sound doesn’t really matter either, because the rest of the ad is so well done that there’s something relateable in there for everyone.

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Some (Unnecessary) Thoughts on the iPhone 5

apple is coasting on their success

Everyone’s talking about it, I know. So, basically it’s pointless to write anything about Apple’s new phone because it’s all being said right now. But this is a blog, so I’ll write if I want to.

My friend, Ben, just sent me an article from Wired titled, The iPhone 5 Is Completely Amazing and Utterly Boring, and I can’t help but agree fully. This quote nailed my sentiments for the new product directly on the head, expressing exactly what I felt as I watched the underwhelming live presentation yesterday:

…But mostly it is the Toyota Prius of phone updates. It is an amazing triumph of technology that gets better and better, year after year, and yet somehow is every bit as exciting as a 25 mph drive through a sensible neighborhood at a reasonable time of day. It’s not going to change your life. It’s not even going to offer a radically different experience.

To seal the deal that this new phone is nothing life-changing, nor innovative on any bigger level, take a look at the reactions earned from Jimmy Kimmel’s social experiment.

The people impressed by this supposedly amazing new phone can’t even tell the difference between the existing model and the one that was announced! And here I thought Samsung was the one found guilty of copying design. At this point, Apple is resting on its success, and bringing little to nothing to the party.

The College Humor video referenced in the picture up top also says everything I could have wanted to say. So, watch that too!

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Cluck Old Hen

We found an old mandolin laying around, and my cousin, being a musical whiz-kid, figured out this nice little solo. It’s a traditional folk song, that’s usually played much faster and better…but, I like our rough version.

A chord chart if you want to play it yourself!