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Off the Grid for a Reason

I came across this in between phone calls at work…I haven’t had time to really watch the video yet, but I think the premise of the article is interesting, and somewhat unique to the usual, Americanized discussion on “sustainable living.”

IN THE WEST, LIVING OFF THE GRID MAY BE AN ASPIRATION for some bleeding-heart eco-warriors.
In Afghanistan, it is reality.

solar panels

Video (2 min.)

Photo, video, text source: Fast Company


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Rainbow Screen of Death

The other day, my HP laptop became less of a laptop and more of a psychedelic seizure inducing device, in a move I’ll now call the Rainbow Screen of Death. As opposed to the Blue Screen of Death (which came prior to the rainbows), this error has actually come because my laptop was slowly destroying itself from overheating over the past couple years. This has been a problem for many HP users, and apparently, has been the subject of a class-action law suit against the company. Too bad my serial number wasn’t included….